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Small Groups

To the end of magnifying Jesus by making disciples we have Shepherding Groups at Emmanuel.

Groups are a way to shepherd the flock and simultaneously offer a space for us to “Be” the church, practice the “One Anothers” of the New Testament and develope deep Gospel-Centered relationships. These groups are a discipleship strategy intended to help our church connect together, apply Scripture in real life situations, foster true fellowship, and develop our spiritual gifts in the context of gospel community.

  • Groups are intergenerational and family integrated which means that we are choosing not to separate groups by demographics or age. We want to reflect the unifying power of the Gospel in our fellowship groups.
  • Groups are sermon-based. This means that the content of our discussion will primarily be the text of Sunday morning sermons. This lets us keep a unity of doctrine and context to our growth.*
  •  Groups are deliberately led. Each group will be led by two couples and each group will have a deacon or pastor involved. Each meeting will involve some fellowship time with food, discussion time, and prayer time.