Refreshingly Biblical

Join us at 10:30am every Sunday

We value the wisdom and stability that senior saints bring to a church family. In an age, that seeks to ostracize the elderly we want to elevate them. The scriptures give much instruction to the honor of the elderly and the high calling the elderly have to continue to contribute to the health of the local church.

In addition to an age-based E-Class on Sunday mornings, the senior saints meet on the first Wednesday of each month for fellowship, prayer, and Bible study.

This ministry is for those 55 and older who want to engage in ministry and community at EBC.

The tree purposes of this group are:

  1. Fellowship – enjoying one another’s company and encouraging each other in their walk with God.
  2. Edification – learning to serve and know God better.
  3. Service – no matter what your condition, there’s place and calling for you to use your gifts in the context of the local church.