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Easter at Emmanuel 2019

You’re invited to celebrate Easter at Emmanuel. This is a highlight Sunday and a great time to come.

8:30 AM Communion Service

We’ll kick things off with a morning Communion Service. The Message “For Us” will focus on the work of Christ on the Cross “For Us.” We’ll look at this core gospel teaching as it brings us to remember Jesus at the table when he said, “This is My body which his given for you.”
9:30 Fellowship Breakfast

Y’all Come!! …for breakfast. Feel free to bring something to share, but there will be plenty, so come anyway. This is a great time to fellowship and taking some pictures in those Easter outfits.

10:30 Resurrection Service

This is our “Main Service” we will be focusing on the resurrection in our songs and readings. Several special music numbers are planned. The message, “Firstfruits”, will dig into the idea that Christ is the “Firstfruits of the Resurrection” (1 Cor 15:20,23) and what the implications of that are for us.

All Welcome! We hope to see you there!

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