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Revised Constitution Adopted

This morning after the worship service the members of Emmanuel Baptist Church affirmed by congregational vote the adoption of a revised church constitution.

This constitution is neither a substitute for nor a supplement to the Word of God. It is simply an application of what we believe are the teachings and principles of the Bible as applied to the people of Emmanuel Baptist Church. It is a guide to aid in the application of biblical principles to church polity. The Word of God is our first and final authority on all church matters.

It is understood that we regard this Constitution to be our attempt at setting forth principles whereby things may be done decently and in order in the House of God.  Nevertheless, we do not regard this document to be an end in itself. The inerrant Scriptures are now and are always to be our final authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

We are thankful for how God has been working in our church family and see this new governing document as a testimony to the gracious work of the Spirit in our hearts and continued revitalization of our church. You can see the adopted constitution here.