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Meet the Need at ECS

Dear Emmanuel Family,

Over the years, you and many other families in our area have benefited from the ministry of Emmanuel Christian School. When I assumed the pastorate at EBC last October, I knew that the revitalization of Emmanuel (both church and school) would be a long and arduous task. Recently, however, details of the school’s financial situation have come to light and are concerning. I’m reaching out to you, the school family, to share a need with you and ask if you might help partner with us in meeting a need at ECS.

ECS has been functioning without a budget and financial accountability for some time, but that time has now ended. As we have been able to get information regarding the school’s fiscal state, the full extent of ECS’s financial problems has come to light. These problems are systemic and have taken years to develop. Multiple factors have contributed to this deficit, and no one person is to blame for anything.

ECS is severely behind on its payroll taxes and has an indebtedness to the IRS of almost $29,000. ECS was also behind on several of its other financial obligations. We praise God that we have an increased enrollment this year, but that added revenue was utilized to pay bills from previous years before the current school year even began. Furthermore, ECS is facing a substantial budgetary deficit this year. Functioning at our current state, even without the salaries for an administrator and full-time science teacher, ECS is looking at a $20,000 budgetary shortfall by the end of May (this is in addition to the tax debt).

This is a big problem, but we serve a bigger God. Steps have already been taken to rectify the situation. We have hired an accounting firm to structure our payroll, audit our records, and negotiate fees for us. They have been able to negotiate on our behalf to set up payments for the debt. Additionally, we are implementing policies and adding accountability at the office, administrative, and board levels to ensure this does not happen again. Just last month the entire school board stood before the EBC congregation to apologize for allowing the school to get into this situation. Next year there will be different financial structures in place to bring us to a balanced budget, as even without this debt we would still have deficit spending.
Despite this hard blow to ECS, we are focusing on the teachings of Paul in 2 Corinthians 4 that as we carry this great treasure in clay pots we will not be perplexed, distressed, or in despair. ECS is knocked down, but not knocked out.  “Knocked Down But Not Knocked Out”someone said, “It’s not about how hard you’re hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” We don’t want to focus on the hit ECS has taken, but on how we as a school family respond to it.

Would you help us meet this financial need? We are going to be putting on a full court press to fill in this $50,000 need. Would you be willing to run a fundraiser? Would you be willing to give?  Would you encourage your pastors to have an ECS group come to your church on a “Meet the Need” tour?

Soon there will be a visual going up in the hallway with 50 spots to fill in to “Meet the Need.” For each $1,000 that comes in we will label the group, individual, church or fundraiser that made it possible. Would you be willing to give and have your family, church, or business’ name fill in one of those spots? Please carefully consider helping ECS get through this financial trial.

ECS is God’s ministry; we surrender it to His will no matter what that may be. May God multiply our efforts as we seek to preserve this ministry for future generations by being “knocked down but not knocked out.”

Sincerely Yours,


Jayson Byrd


PS:   You can help meet this need by donating online at