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Screen Drive

We’re making an audacious attempt to meet a need in our church in the next 36 hours. You can help!

The Need

As many of you know we’ve been looking into getting new screens for our auditorium. When our projector stopped working, as a temporary solution we started using a TV on a cart, which we’ve been using for two years now.

The Goal & Opportunity

Our goal has been to save up and purchase two 60-70 inch TV’s to mount on the angled walls on the platform. These will be used to project song lyrics, announcements, sermon points, and presentations to ascetically enhance our worship service and better steward our platform space.

We were very recently made aware of a “One Day Sale” at Sam’s Club where we could get 75 inch 4k TV’s for $1598.00. For two of them, this would be a $600 savings off the normal price. Our tech guys have checked these out and given the thumbs up that this is a good deal.

Your Part

We’d love to try and have the $3196 in hand to take advantage of this sale and see this improvement at EBC. Would you pray that if it’s God’s will, the funds or pledges would come in by Saturday?

Beyond that there are two ways you can give to this project:

  1. Give: Contribute amount online. There are no “small” offerings in God’s eyes. Use this link to our online giving platform. Please put “Screens” in the memo or choose the “special offering fund”
  2. Pledge: If you’d like to give toward this but aren’t able to right now or don’t feel comfortable doing so online you can “pledge” an amount toward this project. Simply fill out this form or let the pastor or one of our treasurers know the amount you’d like to pledge toward the project.

The Plan

If the funds and pledges add to $3196, Lord willing, we will be picking these up from Sam’s on Saturday morning. If we don’t reach the goal, your contribution will still go toward getting them at a later date.

Thank you for prayerfully considering helping with this project.

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