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December Web Roundup

Periodically we like to recommend some helpful links to our church family. Some are related to the “what’s” (practical church functions) and others are related to the “why’s” (Biblical philosophy). Just because something is listed is not necessarily an endorsement of that entire ministry.

  • The Key to Evangelism in the 21 St Century. You’ll be surprised that it’s something almost all of us are capable of and something profoundly 1st Century like — Hospitality.
  • When the Doctor Says to Terminate. This article offers some good wisdom for when we hear stories that might make us sympathetic to pro-abortion views that contradict Biblical ethics.
  • Is it sinful to be pregnant before marriage? This is an episode of John Piper’s “Ask Pastor John” podcast. We would commend the podcast to you. This episode particularly answers a sensitive issue with both pastoral care and Biblical precision. 15418457_10157920680885346_8669516188528362587_o
  • Are you trying to find your identity in your children? For parents, if you are not resting in your identity in Christ, you will try to find it in your children. In this video Paul Trip discusses this tendency for parents.
  • Bible Screen resource: has developed a free tool that delivers some creative scripture images to your device. I downloaded the lock screen feature about a month ago and it’s been an encouraging thing for me. It’s also a cool channel for your apple tv or Roku device.
  • 10 Books Every Christian Teenager should read: These aren’t just good for teens. If you’re looking for some book recommendations for your next read, these are some great ones.
  • The Main Ingredient to Church Growth. HT to Adriene for sharing this.

    Pizza parties, movie nights, and laser tag aren’t going to cut it. If we want to keep our young people, we need to stop entertaining The church shouldn’t need a secular sociologist to tell us how to keep people in the pews each week. It’s not hard. Give people the rich theological truth that will set them free, and then watch the Holy Spirit work.  them, and start educating them with life-giving, confidence-building, worship-inspiring theological truth.

Behold Our God, beautifully sung by a choir at CBU.