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Weekend Preview-December 11, 2016

Worship Guide December 11, 2016

Pre-Service Song: “Come Ye Sinners”

Welcome & Invitation to Worship: Pastor Jayson

Scripture Reading: Matthew 11:27-30—Neal Johnson

Call to Worship: “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”—Hymn #218

Adoration: “O Come All Ye Faithful”—Hymn #256

Worship in Giving

Gospel Reflection: “The First Noel”—Hymn #223

(Children Pre-K-6th Grade Dismissed to E-Kids)

Text: John 17:6-26 Message: “Unity At Christmas”

Response & Invitation

Closing & Benediction:

This Week At Emmanuel


9:30 AM—Children’s Sunday School & Adult Discipleship

10:30 AM—Morning Worship

6 PM—Vision Night



6:30 PM—New Series: “How Firm a Foundation” explores how we got the Bible, why & how it’s inspired, how we know which books are supposed to be in the Bible and learn about translations and preservation of the text.


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Christmas Giving: In the midst of our Christmas gift giving, let’s not forget the work God is doing here at Emmanuel.

Upcoming Events

Vision Night: Tonight at 6 PM—Come celebrate some things God has been doing at Emmanuel, hear some vision, future plans and financial update, ask questions, and spend time in prayer.

Bring a favorite dessert to share!

Women’s Bible Study: First Wednesday of each month at 9 AM!

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service: Christmas Eve at 6:30 PM we are having a special evening of Carols, Candlelight, & Communion.

Sanctity of Life Sunday: Sunday, January 22.

“Souper” Bowl of Chili Cook-off: Save the date for our annual Souper Bowl of Chili Cook-off on Sunday, February 5th after the morning service!

A sign-up sheet is available on the bulletin board for chili contest entries as well as other soups and sides.

How to Stay Christian During Christmas

         Part 2. Pick Your Battles Wisely

  With the understanding that the Christian Christmas and secular culture are diametrically opposed, there are instances where it is both wise and good to push back against culture.

This time of year (along with Easter) always brings out the ugly side of the Internet. No matter how ridiculous the claim or how questionable the source, there will be a wave of Facebook posts and tweeted links about the “true nature of Christmas.” You know, how Christianity is just a Christianization of pagan holidays, and how the incarnation just mimics the Egyptian myth of Ra.

Nine-tenths of the time I simply ignore these posts. However, there have been occasions when the person who posted an article of these sorts was a close enough friend, who knew me in a personal enough way, that I was able to privately message them and inform them, if they didn’t already know, the misinformation present in the posted article. These sort of encounters, though, are few and far between. There will be silly and stupid things posted on Facebook that get under your skin, but you must resist the urge to spend all day, every day, lashing out at people’s misinformation. Online arguments very rarely produce in conversation, much less conversion.