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Year End Giving Letter

Dear Emmanuel Family,

To say that 2016 has been an eventful year at EBC would be a huge understatement. It’s been a year filled with transition, huge wins, souls saved, and our body strengthened. One long term member described this year at EBC as “God doing some deep pruning.” It is so exciting that God continues to have His hand of blessing on our ministry. There have been several professions of faith, increased baptisms, and our attendance has steadily improved. Outreach ministries this year have been very fruitful and we are continuing to impact the entire North Central region by providing ECS for our community. We have been blessed with visitors in our services nearly every week for the last several months.

I’m excited to see the heart change in the “one-anothering” exhibited in the fellowship before and after services and small groups, evidenced as well by the vast improvement to our congregational singing. Stories of how people found Emmanuel and how God is changing their lives never get old.

However, one area that we have not been doing well in is our stewardship. Our financial team has reported to me that our giving is below our budget for the year and we’re taking some steps to make some adjustments to accommodate the shortfall. However, I would love to see God reverse that and believe that with your help we can.

There are only five Sundays left in 2016. I am writing to encourage us to finish 2016 strong. Some churches see as much as 25 percent of their annual budgets come in November and December. Perhaps you might want to look back over your contribution statement (available on Breeze) for the year and see if there is some need to increase your year-end giving. Would you also consider a special year-end gift to EBC? I invite you to join me, Jamie, and our kids in giving a “Birthday Present to Jesus” this year.

During a time of massive consumerism, let us be massive contributors to the advance of Christ’s kingdom. Contributions to Emmanuel are tax deductible as allowed by law. There are several giving options for you to pick from.

  1. In a service: Our last service of the year is December 25th.
  2. Online: Secure private online giving is available online. Visit
  3. Text giving: Text an amount to 304-406-7467and follow the prompts for setup.
  4. By Mail: Must be postmarked by December 31 to be included in 2016 contribution statement.

Your giving isn’t just to meet a budget—your giving is to change lives! There is an incredible need and mission to accomplish. We are planning on sharing some future initiatives and vision in the coming months. We long to see ministries and outreach advance the gospel in our community, to see our building refreshed to reflect the excellent work of revitalization God is doing in our hearts, to see our ministry in a financial place where we can look to future development and expansion to a 2nd location or whatever else God might have for us. But none of those things can happen without all of us pitching and saying “Jesus is worth it.”

Your Brother,


Pastor Jayson